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To receive a free PDF copy of Illuminated Landscapes, send an email to:

Blurb Bookstore Hard copies of Illuminated Landscapes can be purchased from the Blurb Bookstore.
Take a Picture This is the official website for the Take a Picture project, a collaborative series of new-media artworks created by Brad Blucher and Kyle Clements. Take a Picture is a series of invisible paintings; while the human eye sees only blank canvas, a digital camera reveals the hidden imagery. Original Fine-Art Paintings by Kyle Clements, one of the photographers behind "Illuminated Landscapes"
Link to the 'Kyle Clements' YouTube Channel Kyle's YouTube channel. This is where all the videos for Illuminated Landscapes, Take a Picture, and Kyle's independent work are hosted.
Link to the 'Take a Picture' Facebook fan page. Take a Picture This is the Facebook fan page for the Take a Picture Project, Illuminated Landscapes, and any other collaborations between Brad and Kyle that revolve around photography.
Link to Kyle Clements' Facebook fan page. Kyle's Page This is the Facebook fan page for Kyle Clements.
Link to the 'Brad Blucher' Twitter Page Brad's Twitter Follow Brad Blucher on Twitter.
Link to the 'Kyle Clements' Twitter Page Kyle's Twitter Follow Kyle Clements on Twitter.