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Take a Picture at Cold Compress, hosted by the Toronto Burning Man Group

Brad is demonstrating how Take a Picture works.

Cold Compress was a great party with a great turnout. This was what "the party room" looked like. Our art was installled in the other room, but we spent a good amount of time in here.

Ok, these are not mine; these glowing birds belong to Alex Leitch, but they were too beautiful to not photograph and post. Great work!

We thought it might be cute to put "Kiss" above the washroom doors. *nudge nudge wink wink*

Take a picture functions like an artistic time bomb. They go completely unnoticed during the event itself, only to reveal themselves days later while reviewing the documentation.

This is the room where Take a Picture was installed. We were some of the firsts to arrive on the scene during set-up, and we had no idea that the big empty room we had entered in the morning would turn into this by the evening. Fun times.

Not only was "Kiss" placed above the entrance to the washroom, but "Wink" was also placed beside it. *nudge nudge wink wink* Oh, if only we had thought to include a 'nudge' image in this series.

Its always fantastic to watch the reactions of others as they experience "Take a Picture"

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